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Testimonials & Quotes

"Brent Flinchbaugh is one of the finest young professional trumpeters I have ever known. I've had the good fortune to hear him in solo recital, chamber ensembles, and as principal in large symphony orchestras - he is superb!"
~Chris Gekker, International Trumpet Soloist; Trumpet Professor, University of Maryland

“This young man can do anything he wishes to do on his instrument.  Perhaps his strongest point is his ability to focus completely on the task at hand.... He has great enthusiasm for music in general and his interests include music theory and wind ensemble music as well as orchestral music.... From the perspective of a professional player,
I find Brent to be a very capable and committed person.  He remains interested in learning and is always pushing to reveal more of his musicality.” 
~Ed Hoffman, Trumpet, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; Professor, Peabody Conservatory of Music

“I first met Brent Flinchbaugh in New York City during March of 2009 when he was called on short notice to substitute for another trumpet player. After traveling from Baltimore,  Brent nailed the fiendishly difficult trumpet part in the second (F major) Brandenburg Concerto.  Brent has a magnificent, pure tone, coupled with a superb sense of rhythm, and he is an astute, intelligent, and extremely capable musician. Brent tends to grasp and understand the whole piece at hand in its proper context, rather than just his own part. He pays close attention to what other musicians in the orchestra are doing and senses the conductor’s intentions with great nuance. He has a fine ear for pitch, rhythm and orchestral detail, including  articulation and historical authenticity to the degree that we can determine it.  Brent is extremely well read and, like some of the greatest teachers, is always looking for insights and ways to convey his deep values and commitments. All in all, a superb musician and teacher."
~Mark Cavanaugh, Ph.D, Conductor

"I had the great pleasure recently of hearing the outstanding Clipper City Brass Quintet perform "Shadowcatcher", my concerto grosso for brass quintet and wind ensemble with the wonderful Peabody Conservatory Wind Ensemble under the inspired direction of Harlan Parker.   The Clipper City BQ gave a great, powerful, dynamic and beautiful performance of my music. The individual members of this ensemble are extraordinary performers in their own right.  Together they form a chamber ensemble with a golden, rich sonority, capable of both the most velvety  lyricism, and the most riveting and thrilling virtuosity. If ever you have a chance to hear the Clipper City Brass Quintet, you will be rewarded with hearing some of the finest and most spectacular music-making anywhere!” 
~Eric Ewazen, New York City, October, 2010; Composer, Professor, Juilliard School





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